Crazy Wars

Crazy Wars is an epic first person shooter game with cool 3D graphics and intense combat-based gameplay. A war has erupted and you must choose your side and become part of it! The main game mode in Crazy Wars is team death match – you must team up with a squad of other players from around the globe and try to eliminate the opposing team.

Use a variety of different weapons including pistols, machine guns, light machine guns and shotguns – each weapon looks realistic and has recoil that you must control. Work together with your teammates and try to obtain as many kills as possible whilst minimizing your own number of deaths. Can you conquer the Crazy Wars arena and show your skill as a soldier?

Release Date
March 2018

Crazy Wars was developed by Mohamad A and can be found exclusively on You can find his other games on CrazyGames as well, e.g. the amazing Gangster Contract Mafia Wars!

Interesting army-style first-person shooter game with up to 16 players in a room
Many awesome maps that will test your skills
10 weapons, including an RPG and grenade launcher

WASD or arrow keys to move
Left click to shoot
Right click to scope-up
1 to 0 key to switch weapon
R to reload
Space bar to jump
Shift to sprint
T to chat
Tab to enter menu
Ctrl to prone
C to crouch

Published on 17th May, 2018 in Shooting Games.