Gangster Contract Mafia Wars

Gangster Contract Mafia Wars is a cool and fast-paced first person shooter title in which you must take control of the professional hitman Carl (Yes hitmen can be called Carl!). Your hitman must complete a range of different contracted kills within the city against other Mafia syndicates that are vying for power. The other Mafia gangs are extremely powerful and you will find your contracted kills challenging to complete!

Move around the city and look for different weapons and supplies to complete your mission with. You must move and act quickly and dispatch your enemies as ruthlessly as possible. The graphics are fantastic, the gameplay is intense and exciting, and the firefights and explosions are realistic! Can you show your skill as a top hitman and eliminate your rivals?

Release Date
February 2018

Faramel Games developed Gangster Contract Mafia Wars.

Exlusive version with 60 challenging missions to complete
Adrenaline pumping shooting game with lots of explosions and stunning visual effects
Mini-map to help you locate the enemies and objectives
Many crates with deadly weapons and items
Collectable money that you can use to buy cool upgrades
Carl Time ability to slow down time

Web browser

WASD or arrow keys to move around
Left click or Z to fire
Right click or X to throw grenade
Left shift or C to activate Carl Time
Scroll wheel or Q or E to cycle weapon
E to enter vehicle

Published on 17th May, 2018 in Shooting Games.