Pixel Toonfare 3D

Pixel Toonfare 3D is an epic multiplayer first person shooter game that has awesome blocky graphics in a world similar to Minecraft. You can choose from one of two sides to fight for – either the soldiers or the animals! Each team has a variety of different blocky characters so choose a side that you really like!

The game works on a ranking system – the higher rank you achieve the more weapons and equipment you can unlock. You can fight with a range of weapons such as a blocky machine gun, a blocky shotgun, or even a blocky sniper rifle! Enter the battlefield and try your best to help your team win and achieve the highest number of kills! Can you conquer Pixel Toonfare?

Release Date
The initial release date is September 2016. The game has received a major update in May 2018.

Mentolatux made this game. You can also try another cool pixel shooting game in Revenge of the Pixelman.

3D blocky-pixel first-person shooter game
2 game modes, team deathmatch and free-for-all
Different character’s appearance to choose
Animal characters to use, such as panda and wolf
Ranking system to access more weapons, including an RPG

Web browser

Press WASD or arrow keys to move
Use left mouse button to shoot
Number keys to change weapon
R to reload
Ctrl to prone
C to crouch
Tab to open menu

Published on 17th May, 2018 in Shooting Games.