Tanks Battlefield: Desert

Tanks Battlefield: Desert is an epic game of conquest and destruction between the mighty red and yellow desert nations!

Each nation has their own military base and it is your job to try and destroy their base with a range of high-tech tanks! During each mission you are accompanied by two other tanks who can assist you and provide much needed firepower.

The controls are simple – you must use the traditional WASD keys to move your tank, and use the mouse and left click button to aim your turret and shoot. Work through each level and complete the objectives that are set – as you progress you will find the missions increasingly challenging and the enemies become intelligent and harder to destroy.

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Release Date

February 2018


Tanks Battlefield: Desert is made by Faramel Games


Excellent 3D tank battle game in a barren desert
Your mission is to destroy the enemy’s base with the help of your squads
Delay between shoot and you need to pick-up ammunition once it runs out
Increasing enemy’s tank number as you play in higher levels


Web browser


WASD or arrow keys to control your tank
Left click to shoot
C to change view

Published on 17th May, 2018 in Shooting Games.