War Attack

War Attack is a cool 3D FPS featuring Minecraft inspired characters. Chose from a range of weapons including a sniper rifle, automatic machine gun and even a hatchet! If you register an account, you can customize your character and loadout. Play a variety of games modes such as team death match and try to destroy your enemies.

Maps include Aztec ruins and shipyards and feature a range of vantage points to snipe from. Placed strategically in each level are medikits and ammo boxes – use these wisely to replenish your health and bullets when in need. This is a great team game and the gameplay is smooth and easy to pick up. What type of weapon will you prefer? Will you master War Attack?

Register an account to level up your character and unlock new weapons and gear.

Gaming Style

Web browser

Release Date
September 2016

WASD to move
Left click to shoot
Right click to look through your scope (sniper rifle)
R to reload
Space bar to jump
C to crouch

Published on 17th May, 2018 in Shooting Games.