Space Battle

Space Battle is a 3D cosmic game. You need to choose one of the awesome spaceships, fight with dangerous enemies and collect special items among the stars.

The universe presented in the shooting game is brilliant, flying among asteroids makes you feel like space pilot. Enemies engage you in unforgettable and challenging battles.

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Release Date

April 2018


Space Battle is made by Raba Games and at CrazyGames.


  • Fight battles with many enemies!
  • Collect special items
  • Choose from plenty of spaceships
  • Admire the space
  • Win the war
  • And try to stay alive


Space Battle is a web browser game. We also have the Android version.


  • AWSD / Arrow keys to speed up, slow down, turn left and right
  • Mouse to control your spaceships
  • Mouse buttons to fire machine gun and rockets
  • Shift to fire turbo
  • P to pause the game
Published on 19th September, 2023 in Shooting Games.